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Entry Criteria

  • Average Point Score: 4.0
  • English Language GCSE Grade 4

Examination Board

  • Edexcel


Teaching Staff

  • Mrs Lomas
  • Miss Duthie
  • Mr Power
Politics at Crompton House is the one of the most relevant and current subjects you can study. We are living through unprecedented times in our society and in the political sphere in particular. If you like discussing current events and debating then this subject is for you!

Our course

In Year 12 we study the UK political system through topics such as:
  • Pressure groups
  • Political parties
  • The Prime Minister (from Thatcher to Johnson)
  • Parliament

You will learn about how our system works and why and how people get involved (or not) in politics. We also study political theories: socialism, liberalism, conservatism and feminism. So if you’ve ever wondered what a feminist really believes then this is your chance to find out!

In Year 13 we look at the US and their political system through topics such as:
  • The presidency
  • Congress
  • The supreme court

We compare our system to the US throughout.

Being interested in current affairs is crucial as we use the most up to date examples we can in our lessons and essays.
The course consists of three written exams, each worth a third of the marks.

Skills developed

  • Analysis and explanation- you will develop the ability to explain how different parts of the political system work but also analyse how they might, or might not be effective.
  • Research- you will be actively encouraged to read/watch the news, follow relevant political figures on social media and keep up with current affairs so that you can bring every day examples into the lessons and essays.
  • Debate and discussion- many of our lessons involve sharing and debating ideas intelligently and respectfully.
  • Wider critical thinking- during our study of political ideas we will consider ‘big ideas’ such as; “what is human nature like?”, “what is the difference between sex and gender?” or “what role should the state play in our lives?”.

Links to the world of work

You may wish to get directly involved in politics as a political assistant, researcher or even an MP! The skills gained by studying politics could also open doors into jobs connected to public relations, journalism or public affairs. You may also feel passionately about a particular cause and wish to go into a career with a charity or human rights.
Politics links well with many subjects and our students find overlapping themes with their study of subjects such as History, English, RS and Sociology.

Politics student Isabelle was a member of Oldham Youth Council during her time in Sixth Form. Elected as a Member of the Youth Parliament for Oldham, she had the opportunity to visit the Houses of Parliament to take part in Youth Parliament debates.