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Entry Criteria

  • Average Point Score: 4.0
  • Grade 4 in this subject at GCSE

Examination Board

  • Eduqas


Teaching Staff

  • Mrs Nixon
  • Mrs Bostock
  • Mrs Doyle

Course Introduction

Music A Level is both an academic course with deep study of a range of music and a practical course with opportunities to perform, compose and use Music Technology to support these activities.  It is an ideal course for you if you love to take part in create or listen to Music.

The course has some flexibility and you will be able to bring out your personal strengths as you progress through the sixth form.

You will develop your performance skills, through regular performing opportunities, coaching and observing performances

There is the chance to participate in concert trips at various times in the course.

Why is Crompton House great for studying Music A Level?

There is a large and active Music Department with a busy schedule of performance opportunities.

One of the most effective ways to consolidate your learning is to pass it on, and there are many leadership and mentoring opportunities with KS3 and KS4 students to fulfil this including, classroom support, leading ensembles, mentoring individuals or small groups of students and assisting/leading technical support for events.

You can take advantage of our fantastic resources.  These include a full Mac computer suite for Music, running Logic and Sibelius software, Yamaha pianos alongside a suite of practice rooms and rehearsal spaces.


Career possibilities:

 In addition to the musical career paths listed below, Music develops a range of transferable skills including; both independent and team working, performance and presentation, analytical and essay-writing, self-discipline, creativity,  self-expression and listening.  All of these skills are valuable for a wide range of career paths.

  • Composing
  • Professional playing, singing or conducting
  • Arts administration
  • Music journalism
  • Music editing and publishing
  • School teaching (class or instrumental)
  • Recording production
  • Broadcasting work
  • Private teaching (individual pupils)

Work in other creative industries e.g. TV, Theatre, Radio, Creative Education, Therapy