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Entry Criteria

  • Average Point Score: 4.0
  • English Language GCSE Grade 4

Examination Board

  • AQA


Teaching Staff

  • Mrs Owen
  • Dr Leggett

Sociology is the study of people and society. It looks at human groups and social life in society to try and understand how they affect us.

Sociology provides an opportunity to study some exciting debates and issues such as:

  • Discuss the view that the media injects messages of violence into the audience.
  • Are grammar schools the best way to educate children?
  • Women are given lighter prison sentences than men. Why?
  • Do same sex relationships offer a greater chance for equality?

By its nature Sociology is about opening your eyes and looking at the world around us from different perspectives, therefore it provides various opportunities that help you to become a more informed and aware learner.

  • You will be involved in group work, discussions and class debates
  • You will carry out your own research and presentations – active Sociology
  • You will develop literacy skills writing argumentative essays
  • You will learn how to apply sociological theory to contemporary examples and news stories

If you enjoy finding out about why people choose to behave the way they do, what may have influenced their decisions and the different views people have on those choices you will find Sociology an interesting, challenging but rewarding subject.

Sociology studies people and therefore combines with many subjects, in particular the Humanities such as History, Government & Politics and Geography as well as written based subjects such as English. Many students study Psychology alongside Sociology as there are many cross curricular themes particularly in research methods.

All careers involve working with other people and Sociology offers you the opportunity to understand human behaviour, meaning the subject is excellent preparation for any future aspirations.

In particular Sociology is related to the following career paths/areas:

  • International, Human, or Public Relations
  • Government or Council based work
  • Social Care
  • Military
  • Criminal Justice/Probation/Rehabilitation
  • Administration