Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

Crompton House Sixth Form prides itself on a wide range of courses tailored to meet your needs, skills and interests, to enable you to fulfil your potential and progress from school into higher education, employment or training.

Using the new GCSE grading system (1-9) The minimum entry requirement for the Sixth Form is an average point score of 4.0 which is an average of grade C or 4 overall in all subjects, and a pass (4) in at least one of Maths and English.  Some subjects have additional entry requirements.

Your GCSE results provide an accurate prediction of how you will succeed on a course in the Sixth Form and so we offer two pathways to suit your GCSE average points score (APS):

  • For APS 5.5 OR higher
  • For PS 4.0 to 5.4


Your likely APS can be calculated by adding up the points for each GSCE grade, and then dividing this figure by the number of GCSE’s you are taking.

In January you will be able to spend some time in each of your preferred subjects to get a taste of A level teaching – in some subjects it is quite different to GCSE.   Then you and your parents will meet with a member of the Sixth Form Team to help you finalise your choices.  The subjects you can choose will be based on the predicted grades gained from your Y11 Mock Exam results.  If you do not meet the subject entry requirement, you will not be able to choose that subject.  You may also wish to make an aspirational choice; a subject choice you would take if you achieve higher grades in the summer.

Every cohort of students is different and so, rather than offer the same courses every year, we aim to tailor our curriculum to each year group’s specific needs.  Therefore, rather than provide students with pre-set option blocks, we ask you to choose your subject combinations and then build option blocks around them.  By doing this, far more students are able to study their first choice of courses.  However, we ask you to include a reserve choice just in case your combination does not fit into the option blocks.

As with all Sixth Form institutions, we are offering the full range of courses detailed in each pathway, however, in exceptional circumstances we may need to withdraw a course if it is not viable to run it. If this is the case, a decision will be taken as early as possible, and in plenty of time for students to select alternative courses as appropriate.

AS / A level Science courses. BTEC Science will not be accepted for entry onto these courses.

Double awards
GCSE Courses such as GCSE Science with Additional Science, Leisure and Tourism, may count as two subjects for the purposes of admission.

Equivalent qualifications
In line with government recommendations, BTEC courses count as one grade for the purposes of admissions.    Applicants MUST have achieved at least a merit on a BTEC course to be included in the A level entry criteria.
Distinction* = A* (8 points)
Distinction = A (7 points),
Merit = B (6 points),