Entry Criteria

  • Average Point Score: 4.0
  • 4 in this subject at GCSE.

Examination Board

  • Edexcel


Teaching Staff

  • Miss Warburton
  • Mrs Nixon

Music at A Level is a great opportunity to pursue musical knowledge through independent broad listening and a positive interest in music of all styles, periods and genres from the renaissance to the avant garde: it involves the highly detailed study of musical history, forms and techniques,continuing from GCSE, but working in much greater depth.

It is suitable for students with a high standard of performing competence (AB Grade 5+ on entry to the course), a keen and inquisitive aural sense and the willingness to develop aural capability through practice. through practice.

Music A Level allows pupils to develop their practical and theoretical knowledge of the subject. Learning involves extensive analysis of set works, considering the ideas and aesthetics of different composers, and learning to differentiate between periods and styles through a breadth of informed listening.

Activities in lessons include group performances of set works, making study resources for display, preparing revision notes, presenting their own research on specific composition models, composition tasks and preparation for individual performance.

Career possibilities:

  • Composing
  • Professional playing, singing or conducting
  • School teaching (class or instrumental)
  • Private teaching (individual pupils) • Arts administration
  • Music journalism
  • Music editing and publishing
  • Recording production
  • Broadcasting work