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Mathematics (including Further Mathematics)

Entry Criteria

  • Average Point Score: 5.5
  • Mathematics GCSE Grade 6
  • To have a better chance of succeeding, a 7 is recommended
  • For Further Maths – Grade 7+ in Mathematics GCSE, plus a recommendation from your Maths teacher required

Examination Board

  • AQA


Teaching Staff

  • Mrs Borthwick
  • Mrs Holden
  • Mrs McIvor
  • Miss Prince
  • Mrs Ahmed
  • Ms Charnock
  • Mr Wroe
  • Mr McKillen
  • Mr Collins
  • Mr Foss

A level Mathematics is a fantastic opportunity to challenge yourself and to further your understanding of how mathematics is used in the real world. Building on GCSE, it will both broaden and deepen your understanding enabling you to apply your skills to problem solving and mathematical modelling. To enrol on this course, you will need to achieve at least grade 6 at GCSE.

We also offer Further Mathematics as an additional A Level (or as an AS). A minimum of a grade 7 at GCSE is required to enrol on the Further Mathematics course.

Learning mathematics is invaluable; it forms the basis of so many useful systems and processes essential to business and industry. Many occupational fields also require advanced study of mathematics, making the A level course both versatile and popular. The course encompasses mechanics and statistics as well as the core elements of algebra, geometry and much more.

Mathematics complements many other subjects and is good training for the mind, helping to develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students with mathematical qualifications are numerate and highly employable in a variety of areas as diverse as computing, engineering, medicine, finance, data analysis and business.

Mathematical ability is very highly regarded by both universities and employers. An A Level in mathematics is essential for many degree courses (such as physics, engineering and, of course, mathematics itself!). It is highly desirable in a wide range of subjects such as chemistry, natural s sciences, architecture, computing and accounting. There is a national shortage of mathematicians, and employment prospects are good.

To get some idea of careers open to those studying mathematics at A Level and beyond, take a look at the careers section on the Institute of Mathematics website.