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Entry Criteria

  • Average Points Score: 5.0
  • Maths GCSE C
  • C in this subject at GCSE (no prior study required)

Examination Board

  • WJEC


Teaching Staff

  • Mrs Rasool
  • Mr Maunders
  • Mr Clarke
  • Mr Smith
We, in ICT, believe there should be more to the A Level experience than a classroom and textbooks. Your teachers will guide you through your studies and prepare you for higher education or employment. We have excellent facilities exclusively for A Level students with up-to-date resources designed specifically for our A Level courses.
This exciting course will teach you about ICT with an emphasis on developing ICT solutions within a business environment. With a greater emphasis on practical work you will actively investigate problems and provide solutions for them using the knowledge you will gain of the theory of ICT. The course also extends the students’ understanding of the effects and limitations of ICT and will provide insight into the new opportunities it can create within organisations and society. The study of ICT will keep students up to date with the latest developments in the world today.

If you are interested in the ever-changing world of the IT industry, then this course can develop your skills to seek work in a wide range of careers.


A Level ICT encourages students to acquire a range of important and transferable skills such as the capacity for thinking creatively, innovatively, analytically, logically and critically; the ability to apply skills, knowledge and understanding of ICT in a range of contexts to solve problems and an understanding of the consequences of using ICT on individuals, organisations and society and of social, legal, ethical and other considerations on the use of ICT.

You will also gain an awareness of emerging technologies and an appreciation of the potential impact these may have on individuals, organisations and society.

Most employers recognise the qualification in ICT as a positive attribute with potential career opportunities as database or systems administrators, software support engineers and ICT support.