Government & Politics

Government & Politics

Entry Criteria

  • Average Point Score: 5.0
  • English Langauge GCSE 4.0

Examination Board



Teaching Staff

  • Mrs Lomas
  • Mrs Robinson
  • Mr Power

Studying Government and Politics is a great way to find out how the country is run, or maybe even become an MP yourself!

We don’t always like politicians and the things governments do… but politics touches every aspect of our lives.

Politics lends itself well to group discussions. You will also be expected to do individual research, note making, essay writing and presentations.

Watching the news on TV and reading newspapers are very important – you will be expected to keep a diary of political events.

Politics goes particularly well with subjects such as History, Economics, Sociology, Law and English.

As Government and Politics touches on literally every aspect of society – this course has universal appeal.

Many students who have taken Government and Politics at A Level enjoy it so much they go on to study the subject at university.

As politicians make laws the legal profession, e.g. solicitors and barristers – is an obvious career choice.

This subject is also very useful for a career in the media and journalism, research or you could go on to become Prime Minister!