Extended Project Qualification

Extended Project Qualification

Entry Criteria

  • Not Applicable

Examination Board

  • AQA

Teaching Staff

  • Dr Whitworth
  • Academic Tutors

In Year 12, some students choose to take the AQA Extended Project where they learn valuable skills of independent research and presentation techniques. During the course they will develop and apply decision -making and problem-solving skills. For those students aiming for prestigious universities, this elite qualification carries with it UCAS points if completed successfully and allows students to investigate an area of interest in depth.

The alternative to the Extended Project is The Crompton House Certificate in Leadership. This encourages students to develop their leadership skills whilst enhancing the experiences of others. Whatever the chosen role, it will provide you with great opportunities to gain invaluable experiences for future university and job applications. Examples include helping to run Fair Trade activities, Community Action Projects and mentoring of younger pupils in our school.