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Getting to CHS

Getting to Crompton House Sixth Form is easy.

We are a 15 minute walk away from Shaw tram stop, or regular public buses stop outside the school.


For students travelling from Saddleworth, KMatt Coaches run a daily service that arrives at school at 8:20 and leaves at 3:30.  The fare for this is £2.50 each way, stopping at:

Morning route Depart Afternoon Route Depart
Bus Stop (HSS Hire), Lees Road OL4 1JW 7:25 am Crompton House School 3:30 pm
Cooper Street / Oldham Road, Springhead 7:30 am Hillside Ave, Shaw 3:35 pm
Oldham Road, Grasscroft 7:35 am Grains Bar 3:36 pm
High Street, Uppermill Square 7:40 am Colleridge Road 3:40 pm
New Road, Dobcross 7:46 am Wilkes Street 3:43 pm
Delph Crossroads 7:50 am Junction Inn, Ripponden Road 3:50 pm
Huddersfield Road, Austerlands (War Memorial) 7:53 am Stamford Drive 3:53 pm
Waterhead Academy 7:55 am Delph Cross Road 3:55 pm
Huddersfield Road / Ripponden Road 7:59 am Uppermill Square 3:58 pm
Ripponden Road (Moorside Co-op) 8:07 am Greenfield Railway Station 4:00 pm
Grains Road junction (Grains Bar) 8:10 am Lydgate 4:02 pm
Hillside Ave, Shaw 8:13 am Grotton Co-op 4:03 pm
Crompton House School 8:20 am New Earth Street 4:05 pm