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Dress Code

Dress Code

We have high expectations of our students – both academically and in their personal approach to school life and to others. Our dress code mirrors these high expectations. We ask all students to maintain a high standard, wearing what is essentially smart business dress.

Dress Code For Boys

  • Formal grey two-piece suit in matching fabric
  • Smart collared shirt
  • Smart shoes
  • Plain dark sweater optional (not to be worn in place of shirt or jacket)
  • Plain or Sixth Form tie (available from the Sixth Form Office)

Dress Code For Girls

  • Formal grey two-piece suit. Jacket with matching skirt, shift dress or trousers (skirts must be worn at an appropriate length)
  • Formal smart top (no low-cut, see-through, vest tops or t-shirts)
  • Smart shoes
  • Plain dark sweater/cardigan optional (not to be worn in place of top or jacket)

Religious headwear should be a single plain colour, either black or grey.

No facial piercings/extreme hairstyles are permitted.

Outdoor coats are not to be worn within the school buildings and not worn as a replacement for the suit jacket.

If unsure on any of the above, please check before purchasing.