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Isobel visits for dissection demonstration

CHS Alumnus Isobel is a veterinary medicine student at the University of Edinburgh. In her spare time, Isobel volunteers with…

Tom elected Deputy Member of Youth Parliament

Year 12 student Tom, who was elected to Oldham's Youth Council in the Royton, Shaw & Crompton district in the…

Sixth Form Mentoring

Molly Mooney, one of our Year 13 Student Management Team, has worked with Mr Raynerd (Assistant Head) to coordinate a…

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Crompton House Sixth Form

  • They are keen to be involved and to understand how they can improve their outcomes. Students’ achievement in the sixth form is good.”
  • The quality of teaching is good.
  • Marking and feedback for students is strong across different departments.
  • The behaviour and safety of students are outstanding.
    Students report that they receive excellent care, support and guidance.
  • Attendance is above average and continues to improve.
  • Students demonstrate very strong attitudes to learning.
  • Students undertake independent research projects which prepare them well for their next stage of education.
  • Students enjoy coming to school and are very proud of their school and their sixth form.
  • The school provides strong advice for students in the sixth form as they make decisions about their next steps.
  • Younger students respect the sixth form leaders and the leaders themselves are very proud of their role.